The Open Doors Forum (ODF) is a voluntary organisation that was established in May 2003 by founder members Sonia Richards and Beverly Stewart. We are based in the Normanton regeneration area of Derby and have targeted various services and projects for all the generations of Black African Caribbean People. ODF has served over 500 people within the community since 2003. All members and volunteers are DBS checked. In August 2006 ODF became a registered charity organisation No. 1115689.

The Organisation
There are nine management committee members, a chair person, treasurer, secretary, one project coordinator/ manager, seasonal workers and fifteen volunteers.

Our Mission Statement
To improve the chances of success for Black African Caribbean children, men, women by encouraging social unity through greater exposure to community activities, opportunities, the achievement of better levels of education and career. To improve the quality of life of our black community and enhance educational opportunities for all Black African Caribbean people.

Our Vision
– To bring the African Caribbean Community together
– Address issues and the changes in the community
– Facilitate different projects to cater for the needs of the people within the community
– To affect government policies and bring about changes in local and national government

Aims and Objectives
– To promote the Arts and education for children
– To promote educational and lifelong learning, empowering them to achieve their full potential.
– To encourage the youth and young people to have a positive involvement in society
– Encourage the young people to have a positive outlook on life
– To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure activities

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