Volunteers Needed!!

Hello peeps. Hope you are all well at this difficult time. 

Just to let you know following on from Open Doors Forum (OFD): Windrush Dinner in January 2019, with over 170 people in attendance and our recent Coffee Time-Come & Share we felt we needed to stay in touch with our elderly.  Due to the present situation the ODF have been unable to launch a Coffee Outreach for those who are housebound, however as a community we feel it is important to do something for our elderly so we have started a Befriending Action Group – Let’s Share.  After talking to a few people we noticed many people wanted to do something to help support our elderly so we are looking for people to help with the following:-

– Making befriending calls 

– Help with shopping

 – Doing some cooking 

– Helping with deliveries 

– Donating food items

 – Making monetary donations

– Web design

– Administration

If you are interested in joining us to help with one and/or all of the above or want more info, please drop me (Bev Stewart) a text on 07505 135598. 

ODF is a registered charity and you can find out more our new website http://www.opendoorsforum.org. 

Stay safe x

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